Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon

Welcome to this preview of David Nathaniel Nealis’ new book “Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon.”

David Nathaniel Nealis

About This Book

Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon might be fiction, but the characters exhibit the same emotions, anxiety, stress, and mental illness that millennials deal with daily. As a millennial myself who has dealt with mental illness, I understand this firsthand. I hope that you find this book entertaining, but more importantly, that it can help you on your road to recovery!

David Nealis

About the Author

David Nathaniel Nealis battled mental illness while writing his debut novel. What started out as scattered thoughts soon turned in to this wonderful Psychological Fantasy called “Behind the Eyes of Zylo Moon.”

David poured his heart and soul into his first book and wants his readers to have an entertaining and healing experience.